Shape innovative structures, create a harmonious ambience: BEGA Outdoor Furniture

Durable and stylish furniture for social meeting places

In semi-public spaces such as restaurant terraces and outdoor leisure spaces, recreational value is the key focus. These spaces have to provide the right atmosphere in order to be able to offer this. BEGA Outdoor Furniture creates spaces around the needs of its visitors.

Static and coherent structure

Our outdoor semi-public products form a coherent series of static furniture that is firmly bolted to the ground. This allows you to create a structure and atmosphere that visitors will remember.

Resistant and durable

Our outdoor furniture stands out thanks to its restrained elegance. The style is simple and features straight lines. It is designed with a robust frame made of aluminium and laminated board surfaces. A durable product that is resistant to abrasion, impacts, scratches and large temperature fluctuations.

Polar Oak

Marshland Oak

Inviting and low-maintenance

Our outdoor furniture is practical, robust and beautiful in a minimalist way. All the surfaces can be cleaned with minimal effort. They are therefore ideal as outdoor furniture for food service – be it in a bistro, restaurant or amusement park.

All individual pieces of furniture can be combined as desired. The harmonious shape allows you to develop sociable furniture concepts in no time at all.

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Structure spaces naturally and beautifully

Planters and privacy elements enhance spatial concepts by not only highlighting certain areas in the space, but also separating areas from each other. This way, you can decide for yourself where you want to have an open atmosphere and where you want to allow privacy. In food services, for example, these elements can separate a terrace from an indoor area or seating areas from each other.

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Practically essential - functional furniture

Our waste bins, upright ashtrays and bike racks for outdoor use are extremely robust functional elements that complement an intelligent space design concept. Our functional furniture fits perfectly into the stylish range of products for social meeting places to ensure that the finishing touches don’t look out of place.

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Perfectly integrated mobility

BEGA charging units for electric vehicles can be integrated into our Outdoor Furniture - for a uniform design line from the car park to the recreation area. Of course with the proven technology and high-quality components for reliable operation.

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