Charge wherever there is light: intelligent charging units for electric vehicles

Future-proof charging concepts for public and commercial areas

Sustainable today for an emission-free future: every day, more people are heading in this direction – and they don’t want to go back. The challenge of e-mobility lies in installing charging pillars for businesses and consumers on a wide scale – without taking up or visually compromising limited urban spaces.


Infinitely practical – maximally efficient

BEGA charging units for e-vehicles make this possible. They use existing infrastructure in both public and commercial spaces. In practice, this means that our charging units integrate into electrified building elements in the city, in the countryside and on company sites.

Because they are integrated into already installed street and space light points, they do not take up any additional space and blend harmoniously into their surroundings. Solo charging units for floor or wall mounting are also available.


E-mobility from a single supplier

Our charging units are technologically advanced, flexible, weather-resistant and compliant with calibration regulations to ensure that they are future-proof. In public spaces, these charging units can be operated with a payment terminal (optional extra) that accepts all common contactless payment methods and compatible billing software. Hardware, software and billing come from a single supplier. For commercial use, companies can authorise charging easily using compatible activation cards.


Our charging units can be integrated into existing infrastructure to create a comprehensive network for e-vehicles.

Legally compliant

Our charging units are compliant with calibration regulations and are ready for the German Charging Pillar Regulations (LSV) 2023.

From a single supplier

Charge, pay, invoice: our charging system includes compatible hardware and software.


Long-lasting without exception: decades of experience have gone into the development of our charging units.

Slim and space-saving: the wall or floor unit

Charging unit for permanent wall and ground installation

This charging unit is a standalone solution with slim design and small dimensions. This slim design means that it can be installed on narrow structural elements such as steel girders, on posts or in niches. It can also be installed on the ground, with the charging unit attached to a discreet tube.


Product details

Leading the way

Charging unit integrated in bollard or light building element

A practical duo: this charging unit works efficiently together with a bollard or a larger light building element. In parking bays and areas, for instance, it is possible to add a charging option to a lighting function.


Product details

Intelligently integrated

Charging unit for luminaire poles

Integrating charging units into luminaire poles makes it possible to install up to two charging points at one station – instead of building an additional charging pillar. The advantage of lit sites: when vehicle owners charge their electric car at a street light overnight, it is automatically parked in an illuminated area. As a result, the charging unit not only provides full batteries, but also a feeling of safety on the road.


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Pricelessly simple

Payment terminal for charging units

As easy as charging: users can settle their bill with the BEGA payment terminal in any way that suits them. The multilingual terminal accepts all common contactless payment methods including credit card, debit card and smartphone (via NFC) – without registration, without additional costs. The payment function can be used for up to 8 charging units. The device is robust, resistant, compliant with calibration regulations and prepared for the German charging pillar regulations to ensure that it is future-proof.


Product details

Process payments online with ease

Software for billing charging pillar use

Charge, pay – and then bill. Operators can use software to manage the use of the charging pillars to make the final step of the charging concept straightforward. BEGA provides a portal solution for this purpose, which makes billing a matter of just a few clicks rather than a separate accounting process.

About BEGA

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