Providing efficient energy: connecting pillars for the electrical supply

For the connection of electrically operated equipment

City life is reliant on electricity use almost everywhere. We need a dense network for this, with connections not just in a few individual places, but everywhere, including parks, marketplaces and company campuses.

Easy to install and efficient

Our connecting pillars are a reliable source of electricity for public and commercial facilities. They are robust, easy to install and efficient. Customisable connecting pillars can be configured to meet your individual requirements.

For small energy requirements

Connecting pillar with safety sockets

Compact and flexible: our connecting pillar with safety sockets has a robust housing that provides plenty of space for connecting equipment requiring power for illumination, landscaping or mobile catering. It can accommodate up to 4 sockets. The connecting pillar can also be fitted with various country-specific types of switches and sockets. It is easy to install and fits seamlessly into any environment thanks to its understated, stylish look.

  • Housing with protection class IP 44

  • Up to 4 Type F sockets

  • Can also be fitted with other types of switches and sockets


For greater energy demand

Connecting pillar with CEE sockets

This connecting pillar has 4 CEE sockets (5-pin, 400 V) to supply more energy-intensive items such as mobile homes, fairground rides and market stalls. The aluminium housing ensures that the pillars are robust, resistant and safe. For daily use in any weather.

  • Enclosure with protection class IP X4

  • CEE sockets to EN 60309-2

  • Mounting door for convenient installation



For commercial use

Connecting pillars for professionals

Powerful and secure: this connecting pillar can provide electricity for large-scale projects. It can supply entire marketplaces with electricity, for example. The pillar has all the essential power supply connections and can also deliver higher amperages. The robust aluminium housing features a lockable door that protects the installation from unauthorised access.

Another feature is the integrated fuse boxes, which eliminate the need to connect all the necessary equipment in advance and allow it to be installed on site.

For maximum flexibility, we can also supply this connecting pillar as empty enclosure with installation inserts of your choice for customised configuration.

  • Housing with protection class IP X4

  • Two integrated fuse boxes

  • Pre-assembled or customisable