Flexible solutions for urban spaces

Creative elements for a smart environment

At BEGA, innovation is tradition. That’s why we always think of the world with an eye on tomorrow. Our goal: an urban space that combines functional flexibility with impressive aesthetics. We are designing a future where we can go about our daily lives efficiently and feel good while doing so.

BEGA Urban Elements supplies urban planners, landscape architects and companies with the elements they need to design our environment in a sophisticated way. Designed to make us feel at home outside our homes – whether on the way to work, in our favourite restaurant, on a company campus or strolling through the city.



Public Furniture Elegantly and intelligently designing urban space

Public spaces provide plenty of opportunities for interaction. We want to make use of these possibilities. That’s why our street furniture creates islands of connection. As a result, we don't just casually wander through streets, parks and squares: we stop and linger. Using this approach, we create vibrant city centres, company premises and residential developments. Public spaces become an extension of our home. Our street furniture is robust, durable and sustainable – and extremely attractive. It serves its purpose effectively by blending harmoniously into public spaces, both practically and aesthetically.

Outdoor Furniture Durable and stylish furniture for social meeting places

In semi-public spaces such as restaurants and leisure centres, furniture serves much more than a purely practical function. It gives areas structure and atmosphere. Our outdoor furniture provides what guests expect from social meeting places: it brings people closer together. They connect and create a sense of community – or provide space for privacy where required.

Our outdoor furniture is extremely functional with a sophisticated design. It enhances the experience you offer your customers in a lasting way.


E-mobility Driving towards mobile progress

We have developed charging pillars that urban planners, landscape architects and companies can easily and attractively integrate into the cityscape to provide our streets and roads with a wider network of charging options for electrically powered vehicles. They can be integrated into existing infrastructure and light points.

E-mobility ready for the street Our charging units are robust and future-proof. We have developed calibration-compliant products for public and commercial spaces that not only comply with the charging pillar regulations, but can also withstand wind and weather. We offer everything from a single source: as a manufacturer, we not only provide the hardware with the charging station and payment terminal, but also the software required for the billing platform.



Electrical supply Connect anywhere. Stay charged everywhere.

We can’t go about our daily lives without electricity sources. BEGA has therefore created a network that keeps us going. Wherever we move: on streets, in parks, on company premises and in marketplaces.

Our connecting pillars are durable, flexible and easy to install. They are ideal for public and semi-public areas, but can also be used privately.


Safety in public spaces Effective protection of sensitive areas

Our drive-through protection bollards protect sensitive areas in public and commercial spaces. They provide not only a clear signal that drivers cannot continue past them – they can also withstand high-speed collisions.